Hi there! I’m Jessica and I am so happy to have you here. I’m a certified integrative health and well-being coach and nutritionist, with a focus on plant-based nutrition and evidence-based lifestyle medicine. I am also a registered 200-hour yoga teacher. My health coaching practice empowers busy women to take ownership of their health and tap into their power within to heal themselves. Healthy well-being doesn't have to be complicated; in fact, I believe that it can and should be done with ease. So, I created my signature BLOOM. GLOW. HEAL. formula, which helps women transform their health through a combination of plant-centric nourishment, yoga and lifestyle behavior for stress-management. My coaching services are designed to lead you to discovery of self-directed goals and powerful action steps, so that you can show up for your most important roles with confidence. I am passionate about working with women, and especially hardworking moms juggling home, career and family. As a busy mother myself, I understand how difficult it can be to take care of everyone and everything, let alone yourself! However, every woman has the unique strengths and ability to achieve her ideal state of well-being, no matter how busy she is. I truly believe that when we practice self-care first, we can go from feeling stressed to feeling centered; when you heal yourself, you heal your world and those in it. This is why I created Well With Jessica. 

Get to know a little more about me and my health coaching practice and approach in this short video.


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Food is medicine. Evidence shows that a predominantly whole food, plant-based dietary lifestyle can yield many health benefits, as it allows the body to protect and heal itself. Whatever your current diet is, we will work together to formulate a personalized plan to get you on a wholly or predominantly plant-based dietary lifestyle, while taking your specific goals, dietary needs, and allergies into consideration.

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As a Registered Yoga Teacher, I guide you to safely incorporate more mindful movement into your day. A regular yoga practice builds strength and flexibility, and can also promote stress-relief while balancing energy in mind, body and heart. Through our client-tailored sessions, we will identify movement that best suits your activity level and goals, so that you can optimize your physical fitness, and become the healthiest version of yourself. 



I offer strategic tools and techniques to help you mitigate the effects of daily stressors. Lifestyle medicine interventions, such as restorative sleep hygiene and stress management modalities, combined, lead to sustained emotional balance. My comprehensive program, using evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, will put you on the right track to healthy living and longevity.


Well-being is so much more than our physical health. Understanding that well-being is comprised of several layers, my tailored programs are designed to target the area(s) of well-being that are aligned with your needs and values. I take you through an effective method of setting powerful, actionable goals that you will immediately implement on day 1. You will tap into your own power to create an environment for your most optimal health, longevity and most importantly, the confidence to show up at your best, for your most important life commitments and those who need you the most.  I believe that each client is the best expert on her own life for making lasting lifestyle behavior changes to practice self-care first and go from feeling stressed, to feeling centered . I guide you in utilizing your personal strengths, to develop self-directed action steps to adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle that leads to your ideal state of well-being and a happy, purposeful quality of life.

Heal yourself, heal your world. 

Are you ready to become empowered to achieve your personal health and wellness goals?



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