Thank you for joining me for my MBA Alumni Speaker Series talk and/or for reading my article, both on the topic of work-life (and school) balance and self-care, which are so important to your success as a student.


As a special gift to the Coyote community, I have created a PDF checklist of the best practices to optimize your well-being, prevent burnout, and achieve a harmonious work-life balance. Use the button below to access it. Print it out and keep it visible near your workspace so that you can return to these practices when needed.


As an additional bonus, I am offering a free full-length coaching session just for members of the CSUSB community. We will go through a proven framework that will help you get clear on your goals for career, school, or any other area of life that you choose, while keeping work-life balance and self-care top of mind. My goal is to help you prevent burnout before it happens!