• Jessica

How to Slow Aging

Did I get your attention with that title? I don't know about you, but this mama here will take all she can to help with aging. I'm approaching the end of my thirties and have to admit that for a while, I used to be afraid of getting older. It wasn’t until I adopted a whole food plant-based diet and started to learn about other evidence-based lifestyle habits as medicine, that I began to feel confident about the process of aging. I no longer fear getting older because I know that I am providing my body with the best nourishment to help me age in the best way that I can.

Look, we can’t escape aging. Yes, genetics plays a part in how we age but we do have some control over the process, by controlling our lifestyle behaviors and things like how we nourish our body, and giving it proper movement, rest and stress reduction. Just like there are certain behaviors that can contribute to aging like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and other substance abuse, there are also lifestyle habits that can support the process of healthy aging. These lifestyle habits even have the ability to treat, and in some cases, even reverse certain chronic diseases, which leads to longer life expectancy.

In this video, I talk about 5 things that you can do to help slow and support the healthy process of aging. Chances are, you are already doing these things, and it’s just a matter of optimizing these habits to best support the agin process. I made this video in hopes that it could help other women realize that there is no reason to fear aging, because through simple lifestyle optimization, we can create an environment for best health and longevity.

If this concept of using lifestyle as medicine is new to you and you're curious about learning how it can help you, then I invite you to check out my services. I offer 1:1 and group coaching and even offer an initial consult completely free of charge.