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Morning Glow Detox + Immunity Shot

I love to start my mornings with what I call my "Morning Glow Shot." I don’t drink coffee anymore so this is what I look forward to each morning. I use it primarily for its immune boosting power, but it also does so much more.

Here are some of the benefits of each ingredient: ⁣

GINGER: helps digestion, anti-inflammatory, immune support⁣

TURMERIC: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, mood support⁣

BLACK PEPPER: boosts absorption of the turmeric by up to 2000%⁣

ACV: antimicrobial, antioxidant⁣

LEMON: source of vitamin C, immune support, aids digestion ⁣

To save yourself some time, peel/chop the ginger and keep in the freezer so that all you have to do is drop it in the blender with the other ingredients. Also keep lemon wedges chopped and stored in an air tight jar in the fridge so they’re ready to go.


1 lemon wedge, peeled

1/4" slice ginger

1/4 tsp turmeric powder

1 pinch black pepper

1 tsp - 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

4 oz water

1 tsp maple or date syrup (optional)

Blend all of the ingredients with about 4 oz of water. If it’s too much to drink straight up, you can always dilute with a little bit of water after its blended. ⁣You can add up to a tablespoon of the ACV, which will yield more of its benefit, but I would just make sure you use a little more water if you do. I drink it as is, but you could also heat the blended mixture and drink warm.

I actually love the taste of this. Personally, I feel like it gets me energized and feeling refreshed. The ginger zest definitely gets my eyes open!⁣

Let me know if you make this and what you think!


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