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New Year, New Name (same mission)

"There is the mud, and there is the lotus that grows out of the mud. We need the mud in order to make the Lotus." - Thich Nhat Hanh

This past year has been anything but easy, and as now that it is coming to a close, I have been deep in reflection and introspection. A lot has happened. A lot has changed. But, not all bad, and there was some good in the year, too. I did set and achieve some personal goals and learn new skills, but there's also been a lot of stuff and muck that I’ve been working through. However, it’s through this adversity that I’ve actually had a lot of clarity, which brought about the desire and realization for change and pivoting in my business and well-being coaching offerings. Like the lotus, I’ve started to rise out of a lot of muck (mud) and feel like I am emerging with new sense of purpose.

I started out my coaching business with an emphasis on plant-based nutrition and helping women and their families in their transition to a more whole-food plant based way of eating. One of the core values of my business is continuous improvement through the investment of education to acquire more evidence-based data that will help me best serve my clients. Over these past few years, through my continued education, I have learned more about lifestyle medicine and that it is composed of several pillars, which include a whole-food plant-based diet. However, wellness is holistic and encompasses many other areas, including fitness, adequate rest and stress management. (You may have even noticed that over the past several months, I have gradually started to incorporate these additional aspects of well-being into my practice.) So while plant-based nutrition is a big component of health, and will always be one of the layers of wellness that I value and deliver in my business, there is so much more when it comes to our sense of joy and well-being, and it felt right for me to pivot to include these other things.

And so...

Botany Mommy is Now Well With Jessica

I am really excited to share that I have been busy planning some surprise new offerings coming in 2021, including a focus on supporting the well-being of women, especially mothers, who also play the role of corporate and career professionals. At our foundation, it is important we remember we take care of ourselves first, create balance between work and life, and engage in healthy behavior to prevent burnout. So I will continue to offer tools and services to support you in creating healthy self-care behaviors.

Additionally, I have realized the need of career moms who have a greater sense of purpose beyond their “day jobs” to be supported in their career well-being and pursuing their passions. If you are a working mom and have felt a call for something 'more' while wondering if you have the resources and time to create your own business, whether it be a side-hustle or a full-time business, YOU CAN DO IT and I want to support you in this. If this sounds like you, stay tuned for what I am offering early next year, and if you want to start, check out my ROADMAP TO RISE, a NEW purpose well-being resource I have just for you (along with some other free tools to support your well-being as you embark on this journey).

They say a lotus grows from the muddiest water. It is in this spirit that my new logo features a lotus flower (did you notice that?). I think it captures what I do to help mothers find joy, well-being and purpose for their passions in life.

What do you think of the new logo, new business name, and the added focus of my coaching services? I'd love to hear your feedback, as well as what it is you'd like me to help you with in achieving your goals for 2021. Share in the comments below or contact me!


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