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What I Do as a Health and Well-Being Coach

I specialize in plant-based nutrition, lifestyle medicine and I am also a yoga teacher.

I incorporate each of these modalities in my health coaching practice to help empower busy moms to prioritize their health and self-care so that they can achieve a state of healthy well-being that allows them to show up and perform at their best for their most important life roles.

As a busy mother myself, I understand how hard it can be to carry a large load that includes caring for my kids and facilitating their virtual learning, while working from home full time. If that wasn't enough, through a global pandemic into the mix and there is seemingly no time to take care of myself. Something as simple as brushing my teeth first thing upon waking even becomes a challenge, #youfeelme?

Mothers are busier than ever, juggling all of their life roles, from career, home and family. It is so important for us mamas to prioritize self-care, without the mom guilt, so that we can best show up for our most important roles. But Mamas, don't fret. There is a way to take care of yourself while keeping on top of your day to day responsibilities. And this is what I am so passionate about helping you to achieve.

In this video, learn about me and BLOOM. GLOW. HEAL., the cornerstone of what I do as a health and wellness consultant and well-being coach, as I talk about my 3-part wellness formula that I use with my clients.

My health coaching programs encompass the BLOOM. GLOW. HEAL. formula for a holistic approach to well-being transformation. I really do believe that each client is the best expert of her own life, so my process helps guide you to understand where you want to be through self-direct the goals and action steps that are best for you in getting to your ideal state of well-being.

Right now, I am offering free coaching packages as my way of supporting my fellow humans during this challenging year. Simply pay it forward however you'd like. Sign up now through December.


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